GDP 2016

Welcome to the Group Design Projects 2016.

In two thousand and sixteen our groups are taking on eleven different projects. Check out what they are up to and how they are getting on.

The Group Design Projects are an educational exercise and the projects undertaken and designs developed during them should not be reported as representative of projects undertaken by or designs developed by the Supporters.

[Group 01] Heath20

Heath2O is a water-specialised consultancy team driven by our passion to deliver efficient water systems. We believe that water plays a vital role in the global environment and the health of the community. Our design decisions are based on four key criteria: Health and Safety, Cost, Social Impact and Environmental Impact. Heath2O seeks to undertake projects in a way that will improve the quality of life of all our beneficiaries with minimal impact on the environment.

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[Group 02] Nitrogain Consultancy

With upcoming water shortages on the one hand and population growth, as well as urbanisation, on the other, the need for efficient wastewater treatment has never been more important to sustain society. Nitrogain Consultancy tackles these challenges with a focus on the recovery of Nitrogen and Phosphorus, resources which are limited but vital for agricultural economy.

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[Group 03] Shifting Shorelines

Our project consists of providing a sustainable and low-cost coastal defence and geotechnical scheme, which can be applied to Corton Village and Corton Cliffs. Our client is Royal HaskoningDHV, and the end user is the Suffolk & Waveney Council.

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[Group 04] SustainingLDN

Our group seeks to help enhance the reputation of a property developer and return a profit by developing a brown site in East London. The development will incorporate sustainable energy sources and housing modifications to help increase efficiency.

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[Group 05] geotechnIC | Project Inspire

GecotechnIC is a student consulting group that is conducting a feasibility study for the development of a site in west London to be future-proof. An investor is looking at this opportunity and we will present different options with financial justification. After identifying the most appropriate design, we will focus on the geotechnical design of the development. The most significant constraints on the site are the rail infrastructure of Network Rail and London Underground and the impacts on the neighbours.

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[Group 06] InnoVenti Consultants

Our aim is to develop the next generation of wind turbine foundation to allow the wind energy market to compete financially with the non-renewable market. This ambitious project will require skillful engineering and cutting-edge technology to minimise costs wherever possible. These ambitions will not be made at the detriment of the environment, as we firmly believe that sustainable engineering is cost-effective. We will tolerate certain risks in pushing the technological boundaries. We cannot risk environmental damage as this will harm the progress of our renewables revolution.

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[Group 07] AP + Partners

Our task is to design 6800 square metres of high-end office development in the heart of the square mile, one of the business leading hubs in the world, the City of London. As a result our aim is to provide state-of-the-art facilities in an iconic design environment, while complying with all design constraints. Our complex is directly above one of the busiest stations in London, which must remain fully operational at all times, which challenges our approach to structural and geotechnical design.

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[Group 08] SE1

SE1 will be designing one or more mixed-use buildings on the site of Elizabeth House, near Waterloo Station. The brief outlines the need for a high rise building (as tall as possible) to the north of the site, whilst also incorporating a 400 seat auditorium and a viewing platform into the design. The site has multiple constraints, in particular the vast number of underground tunnels that sit beneath the proposed structure; settlement will be an issue, and foundation design will be critical. Ultimately the team are aiming to deliver an aesthetic structure that will relate to its surroundings, and offer as much in capital return to the client as it does facilitate comfort, and ease of movement in and around the Waterloo area.

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[Group 09] Diseño Cielo

We are working on developing a high rise building and pavilion in a South American capital city. The building will act as a landmark for the city, and will house a retail area, office spaces and a hotel. The pavilion, on the other hand, will be integrated within the large public space to enhance cultural and societal activities.

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[Group 10] KINETIX

As a group we have been tasked with the design of an upgrade to the Castle Comb Race Track. We have a vision that the race track will be the place where local British racing meets the global stage. The task involves upgrading the circuit in order for it to have the capacity to hold Formula E racing, requiring a track upgrade and new grandstand capacity of 50,000. Our facilitates will unite local and international communities, inspiring a new generation of motor sport enthusiasts. We wish to leave a legacy of environmental responsibility, through the inspired design of sustainable facilities.

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[Group 11] Over the Thames

Over the Thames is a theoretical project that aims to alleviate congestion on Dartford Crossing and improve the reliability of crossing the Thames by road east of London. By using a distinctive bridge design, we aim to provide a good driving experience and encourage investment into the region.

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