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Recover Consultancy

[Recover Consultancy]

We are Recover Consultancy, an environmental engineering consultancy currently designing a water sensitive urban housing community for 10,000 people in the South East of England. Our clients are Dr Matthew Greetham and Professor Nigel Graham. Our team member consists of Moritz Berghaus, Kitty Chau, Andrew Gng, Hayley Leung, Liam Noad, Giannis Slimpi, Queenie Tse and Dalwinder Uppal.

Water sensitive urban design is an approach to urban planning and design that integrates land and water planning and management into urban design. We look into the design for water provisions, wastewater and surface water management designs, while considering the positions of various stakeholders and minimising the impacts on the water cycle. We analyse various technical aspects such as sustainable urban drainage systems and water infrastructure, so as to provide our client with the most optimal integrated master plan.​

Our vision is to minimise deliver a holistic, liveable and marketable housing development for our client. To introduce an integrated water system that is efficient, attractive and engaging, and to present an urban design with ample green spaces, comfortable community areas and good transportation. 
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