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TransNorth I

[TransNorth I]

With HS2’s planning under way, connecting London to the North, it’s now time to interconnect Northern cities between them. Our project is to improve connectivity between Northern cities by building a new high speed railway between Manchester and Leeds. Increasing capacity, reducing journey times and improving reliability, this link will become the backbone of a wider network intertwining the North. More than just a railway, we want our project to be the catalyst of growth for the Northern economy. With an efficient transport network, Northern cities will to act as an integrated cluster, providing durable growth to the whole region. To help the North adapt to its growing needs, we must consider sustainable production, consumption and development.Finding the best route possible is key to the success of this project, this means understanding stakeholders at all levels. Not only will our line need to pass through the dense agglomerations of Leeds and Manchester, it will also have to cross the Pennines, a major hill range. Not only must our line be interconnected with the exiting transport network, it must also be adaptable to tomorrow's transport demand. Not only must our line benefit local communities, it must also enhance passenger’s experience.
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