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Group 07

Week 2

posted 4 Jun 2014, 02:37 by Group Design Projects Imperial

The second week of our project seemed long on Monday given the deliverables we had been set. For each of our four ideas (the Terraced building, the Modular building, The Leaf and Le Twist), we needed to have a clear design, with structural analysis, floor plans, sustainability, vertical flow of people and some physical models.

The Terraced building changed the shape slightly. Instead of the original boxy shape, a smoother oval shape was reached, but keeping the idea of the terraces. To have a better control over the area of each floor and how the terrace looks like, the building was modelled on Matlab, by having one end of the building to follow a function and thus controlling the terraces. The problem of having the entertainment centre between floors, and hence not being able to place too many columns in the middle, was solved with the use of an efficient column grid. Also, the floor plans and vertical and horizontal flow of people was prepared.

The idea of the Modular building was very improved this week. The original idea was very boxy and random, and the SketchUp model did not quite show it to scale, so we went back to the drawing board to re-evaluate the modular idea. With the feedback from the other ideas still fresh we incorporated some aspects from the other ideas into this building. We wanted to integrate the shape of the site in to our design, as for example The Leaf had achieved the previous week. Furthermore, we wanted to change the depth of the building, and therefore we had to increase the footprint of the building. We refined some ideas so they could work structurally. By starting with a square floor plan we designed the frame and core of the building. From this, we wanted to incorporate curves and a dynamic look to the design, which we achieved by using a façade. The advantage of this was not complicating the design process as well as keeping the building fresh and less linear. With still some work to do over the weekend to prepare the Tuesday presentation, the Modular building is looking very improved and advanced. We also explored the feasibility of it structurally, environmentally and even economically.

The Leaf also saw good progress. This idea was the most advanced one at the first meeting with the client, so it did not need much modifying. Further to what had been presented after the first week, we completed a detailed design of the floor plans for high-end housing and office levels. After this, we worked out two solutions for vertical load transfer, creating a column grid and thinking in detail about lateral stability. We also created a model for this idea.

Le Twist was the idea that changed most. The original idea was a 40-storey tower that would twist anticlockwise over itself up to an angle of 90 degrees. This then changed into an oval shape floor that had three different positions, which we presented in our first meeting with the client. However, studying more closely the structural stability of the structure, our idea evolved into a shape closer to the original one. There are now two towers, one significantly larger than the other. In this idea we also prepared some models, both physical and in AutoCAD, and created a column grid to be able to study the load transfer system. This grid has changed a few times but the final design is now ready for the next client meeting. 

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