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Week 2

posted 3 Jun 2014, 07:45 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Week 1:

Day 1 - We had an introductory session with Dr Phillips, and afterwards met with our clients CH2MHILL who gave us a proper briefing for our allocated project. After an informative session with our clients, we were eager to get on with the project and so immediately started proposing potential routes for our urban rail project. We split into two groups; half of the group went to visit our King's Road site and the remaining half stayed back to call up the council to gather as much information as possible about the areas under consideration for our project. The site visit group walked along the entire stretch of King's Road up to Imperial Wharf, which we were considering to be one of our station stops in some of our proposed urban rail route. We did this in order to get possible locations for our King's Road station - we came up with 4 potential locations - and to check if an underground station or interchange with an overground service was possible in Imperial Wharf. We took pictures of these locations and of the Imperial Wharf site and met back with the rest of the group to discuss our findings.

Day 2 - Our day started with a couple hours of lectures covering the topics of Sustainability, Monitoring, Risk Management and Engineering Design, to give us proper guidance of the major considerations in our respective projects. We did not have enough information to split into different sub-groups just yet, so we sat around a table and spent the entire day on research to get a clearer idea of the facts that would help us make critical decisions necessary before we got into much more detail of our project e.g. demographics of different areas to know which of the proposed routes would be more beneficial and  a comprehensive study of the available transport links on the entire stretch of King's Road to know where the optimal station location would be.

Day 3 - At this point, we had gotten enough information to divide ourselves into sub groups. Our group has 2 major sub groups - station and routes - and so, we chose two group leaders, one in charge of the station and one in charge of routes. This was a more efficient solution for us as a group than appointing one leader, as we would benefit from communication with a more informed leader as a result of the sub-group specialisation. We then carried out some more detailed research with everyone handing information to each sub group om information thry had gathered before but were no longer working on.

At the end of the week, we had decided on our preferred route and so did some detailed route mapping. We also narrowed our station location choices to two, came up with the pros and cons of each site, and left the preferred choice to be decided upon by our client.

Week 2:

Day 1 - Today was the first critical session with our clients and supervisor. We were excited to present everything we had worked on, and were really pleased with the grade we got. Exhausted after all the long hours we spent preparing for the presentation, we spent the rest of the day working on just the Pecha Kucha presentation and went home after. It was a lot of fun. Our liaison officer got Starbucks for everyone during happy hour!!!

Day 2 - Our group leaders gave us the deliverables for the week. We were each delegated different tasks and in our different sub groups, we carried on detailed research with regard to our separate tasks.

Day 3 - Today was a very intense research session. We got a clearer idea of the level of detail expected before our next presentation, and worked really hard to try and achieve this. Sketches were also produced for the station on Kings Road.

Day 4 - Each sub-group collated a list on comprehensive questions in preparation for the different informative sessions we had that day and the next day. We started to develop a lot of our findings, and started a lot of 3-D modelling.  The station layout was discussed and a plan was drawn up.

Day 5 - Today was a very beneficial day for us. We had several talks with many Professional bodies who gave us detailed information that guided us with some of our Construction and Geotechnical decisions. Constantinos had a sketch-up workshop with 3 other group members, as a lot of 3-D modelling would have to be done today for our Station Design, Station Landscape and tunnelling routes. At the end of the day, we had a fully developed 3-D model of the station's interior layout.