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Week 3

posted 10 Jun 2014, 09:55 by Group Design Projects Imperial
The main aim of the week was to research more in depth the treatments. We created mass flow diagrams for the 12 systems with the highest rankings in the Multiple Criteria Analysis. Finding precise values was a very lengthy process! Part of the group also started compiling the final report.

However, our highlight of the week was our visit to the Reading Waste Water Treatment plant! We were lucky to have Ian Cranshaw from MWH with us. It was very nice to finally see a WWTP, a topic we have been working on intensively for the past 3 weeks!


We saw all the different treatments that take place, and of course we got to endure the unique odour associated with each one of them. This trip made us realize the importance of upstream processes to reduce odours!  It also shed light on the importance of the positioning of each process. For example, there are a lot of solids being transported from the primary treatment to the anaerobic sludge treatment so they have to be placed next to each other to minimize pumping energy. Whereas the secondary treatment can be further away because the input consists mainly of liquids. The tertiary treatment has to be close to the river where the treated water will be discharged. We were impressed by the aesthetics of the WWTP, a crucial factor in improving public perception!