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Week 3

posted 10 Jun 2014, 09:42 by Group Design Projects Imperial
This week we spent developing two of our rather impressive stadium designs. Not only the architectural and structural form of the buildings, but also design of the Mechanical and Electrical systems; the seating; and the pool itself. This was all very new and not exactly a breeze but we rose to the challenge and feel we have made significant headway.

Amongst all this design we still found time to take a site visit to the London Aquatics Centre where we were given an expert tour of the pool and the various and complicated parts of plant required to keep a pool running to Olympic standards. It was incredibly helpful to see the layout and equipment required and to get some perspective on the sizes of what we were designing: pipes, sand filters, ventilation, dangerous hydrochloric acid tanks. After this site visit we came back with new ideas and plans for our arena, some things had to be changed but overall we felt we were on track.