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Week 2

posted 3 Jun 2014, 07:31 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Group 3’s project is to design an iconic aquatics arena for a World Championship swimming event in the Serpentine Lake, Hyde Park. Not only does the stadium have to be iconic, it also has to be temporary and sustainable. Although the task seemed daunting we did not quite have a full on breakdown, instead opting to take a pleasant (yet obviously hardworking) walk around the proposed site.

After this we got straight to work, researching the world of stadium and swimming pool construction before putting on our creative hard hats to come up with several designs. The rest of the week was then spent developing 4 main designs with materials, layouts, and some structural considerations. We also looked at transport around the area and the relationship we have to sustain with the Royal Parks.

The first meeting with the client was very insightful and we are now well into our second week developing two designs in particular. More focus has gone into the technical aspects of the project including structural design of the roof and floor, and some of the mechanical and electrical components required.