Week 3

posted 31 May 2013, 04:31 by franky22@hotmail.co.uk

Bank holiday Monday and Group 8 were all in Skempton by 9:30, the only sunny day of the week making us just slightly bitter! The Geotechnics team headed off to central library to dive back into their mini library of foundation books while the Structures team put their thinking caps on and started to design new various detailed floor plan schemes. The aim of this week for the Sustainability team was to work out how to integrate the sustainable energy schemes such as both the mechanical and natural ventilation systems and the CHP plant into the building design. This involved research into how much space the CHP plant would take up and where all the different parts of the ventilation system such as where ducts are normally placed. This led on to one of the key considerations for this week which was to design in detail the basement floor arrangement as well as its access. This needed careful consideration as it was necessary to fit in so many car park spaces as given in the brief as well as provide enough utility space for plants and other things. The vehicular flow around the car park also had to be designed.

Both the Geotechnical and Structural aspects of the design this week were developed and involved solutions backed up with preliminary design calculations of loadings and dimensions. Detailed preliminary designs of the structure and foundations have now been completed and in the next couple of weeks will be developed further as new findings will cause alterations to the design. As well as this, services such as lighting have been researched in detail and implemented into the design including the ways to maximise natural daylight. Noise and transportation links have also been developed further to incorporate how noise impacts will be reduced in the building design and how the most efficient transportation links can be accessed and improved upon. The waste management of the site during both demolition and construction is an extremely important factor for a sustainable design. The strategy and plan for this has been developed this week. Team is looking dapper for Critical Assessment number 3 today.