Week 2

posted 31 May 2013, 03:12 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Week 2 began with a rush to get the development presentation ready for the Tuesday. While three people worked on this, the structures team started working on the detailed floor plans for the two different design options we had decided to carry through from week 1. The structural mechanics behind the building’s stability had to be thought through in order to locate the supporting columns. At the same time, the sustainable side of the building was being developed as well as consideration for all the services.

After the development presentations were over, work began on the foundation designs. Time this week has been constrained due to all the additional things going on so development of some areas of the design were not able to be progressed as much as hoped by the time the critical assessment came round! The structures team produced some excellent floor plans, but were put through a rather gruelling Q & A. However, they dealt with it really well! Despite having a barrage of critical comments in other areas of our presentation, we still did ok and now know what we need to tackle in week 3.