Week 1

posted 20 May 2013, 14:42 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Group 8 were off to a swift start this week after receiving our project brief which included designing a mixed use building in London that would benefit the area and maximise return to the developer. This week was a Mike Cook style conceptual design week where we produced five initial designs, and interactively displayed them to our Arup clients which scored us some extra brownie points…not to mention the biscuits we served them on arrival to our first meeting! We’ve had to rethink our massing diagrams as we discovered that our clients only want a small retail component in the development -oopsy!

The huge emphasis on sustainability in our brief led us to do some in depth research on sustainable design options to make our building as green as green can be! We also looked into transportation in the area as well as noise impacts. Last but not at all least; we researched into the social aspects of the area as social integration is an extremely important factor of our development. 

Overall, we had an efficient week and our clients were happy with our week one outcome, as well as being gobsmacked by our apparent ‘hidden architectural talents’ -courtesy of Google sketch up!