Week 3

posted 4 Jun 2013, 02:47 by Guillaume Valla
During the third week of the Group Design projects, our team was driven by the new design of the Imperial War Museum. Our client enjoyed the idea of an educational annex in the form of a bunker, located on the west side of the main building. Also, we elected to maximise the inside use of the current building by redesigning the roof structure and add additional floors for exhibits, cafes, and corporate hire. This design will make use of inverted terraces, allowing the central atrium to remain spacious.

The bunker design will be essential to the phasing of the construction and instrumental in reducing the closure period for the museum refurbishment. Ultimately used as an educational centre, the three floors will be used for dining, commercial space, and teaching. During the closure of the museum, the bunker will accommodate a visitor centre, to follow the refurbishment works, a gift shop for continued revenue, and a temporary basement exhibit. In the final stage of construction, the basement will be linked to the Blitz Experience room in the main building by a trench running from the basement, through the park, and under the western wing of the Imperial War Museum.

The team worked very hard to produce key deliverables for the client meeting on Friday morning. We presented the solutions for site integration, BREEAM requirements applied to our design in order to achieve a rating of 'Excellent', and the Part M building requirements relative to our design. The core of the presentation showed the details of the structural design and analysis, including the additional floor space and the new roof structure. We concluded with an overview of our services in the building, programme, and cost.

Fraser Reid gave us valuable feedback and advice to progress in Week 4 and has shown us a great commitment by setting up meetings with Buro Happold professionals to discuss various design requirements.