Week 1

posted 20 May 2013, 14:39 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Week 1 has been very productive for Pearson & Partners. We are well underway to finding an efficient and effective design for the redesigning of the Imperial War Museum. After the receiving the brief on Monday morning, the team spent the rest of the week coming up with and developing some initial ideas- both wacky and more achievable - to present to the client at the critical session on Friday.

The team went on a site visit on Tuesday morning, to get a real idea of the space and area around the museum. Following on from the site visit, between eight and ten ideas were proposed, and people were assigned tasks. A few members of the team visited other museums to gauge the positive and negative aspects of them, which proved very useful later on.

Tamara and Aparna had a closer look at the floorplans provided by the client, to identify the key uses of space. Will worked on his idea for the masterplan of the site, while Jack and Nathan worked on the report once they had completed their initial designs. Manuel, Filippo and Haziq used their artistic and technical skills to create very informative and useful drawings. The Critical Session on Friday with the client went well – we received some very useful feedback and a direction in which to proceed. Bring on week 2!