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[Group 06] Imperial War Museum

Week 4

posted 11 Jun 2013, 03:23 by Guillaume Valla

Week 4 saw members of Pearson&Partners meeting with specialist engineers from Buro Happold at their main London office. We were very thankful for Edward, Clara, and Kenichi for providing valuable advice on fire strategy, structural design, and building services. The group managed to finalise the design of the refurbished museum as well as the visitor centre and educational annex.

Haziq made great progress on services within the building, making sure the user-experience was optimal. This linked in well with Tamara’s work on visitor flow and Aparna’s careful fire strategy.

Nathan finalised the structural checks for the new museum terraces and the bunker structure, while Manuel focused on the new roof structure. Filippo followed his intense efforts on AutoCAD to model the new structure and the model looks amazing!

Jack investigated the feasibility of BREEAM ‘Excellence’ standards. He also provided detailed costing linking in with Will’s financial risk analysis and planning framework studies.

The team is preparing well for the report and poster submissions in the coming week, to communicate the new design of the Imperial War Museum: the IWM London designed by Pearson&Partners!

Week 3

posted 4 Jun 2013, 02:47 by Guillaume Valla

During the third week of the Group Design projects, our team was driven by the new design of the Imperial War Museum. Our client enjoyed the idea of an educational annex in the form of a bunker, located on the west side of the main building. Also, we elected to maximise the inside use of the current building by redesigning the roof structure and add additional floors for exhibits, cafes, and corporate hire. This design will make use of inverted terraces, allowing the central atrium to remain spacious.

The bunker design will be essential to the phasing of the construction and instrumental in reducing the closure period for the museum refurbishment. Ultimately used as an educational centre, the three floors will be used for dining, commercial space, and teaching. During the closure of the museum, the bunker will accommodate a visitor centre, to follow the refurbishment works, a gift shop for continued revenue, and a temporary basement exhibit. In the final stage of construction, the basement will be linked to the Blitz Experience room in the main building by a trench running from the basement, through the park, and under the western wing of the Imperial War Museum.

The team worked very hard to produce key deliverables for the client meeting on Friday morning. We presented the solutions for site integration, BREEAM requirements applied to our design in order to achieve a rating of 'Excellent', and the Part M building requirements relative to our design. The core of the presentation showed the details of the structural design and analysis, including the additional floor space and the new roof structure. We concluded with an overview of our services in the building, programme, and cost.

Fraser Reid gave us valuable feedback and advice to progress in Week 4 and has shown us a great commitment by setting up meetings with Buro Happold professionals to discuss various design requirements.

Week 2

posted 28 May 2013, 03:50 by Guillaume Valla

Tuesday’s Development Presentation was a key moment in the week and preparation was essential. Aparna and Will prepared the slides and collected all necessary information while the rest of the group divided themselves into groups according to the two design projects. After the development presentations, Aparna was responsible for putting together the report and coordinating the two projects’ deliverables. Will then set out to collect data on site integration, transport links, and development opportunities.

Haziq, Manuel, and Filippo developed “The Gallery” with the main focus of creating an entirely new inside structure to the building. The optimization of space is key, and major alterations regarding supporting columns must be made. The user experience will be dramatically changed and will therefore improve the museum’s reputation.

Tamara, Jack, and Nathan developed all sections of “The Extended Experience.” Additional space provided through two new structures adjacent to the building will allow to increase the exhibition area by 50% of its current area. The educational bunker and overhang exhibition space and cafe will create a better integration of the museum into the surrounding park.

Both ideas will be presented using artistic impressions, floor plans with visitor flow routes, and detailed discussion on selected categories/headings.

The end of the week was spent vastly on preparing the report and presentation for the critical meeting, where we were introduced to a new Buro Happold client, Clara, who had worked on the actual project. The critical session went very well, and a specific design was chosen with specific goals for the final report and presentation.

Week 1

posted 20 May 2013, 14:39 by Group Design Projects Imperial

Week 1 has been very productive for Pearson & Partners. We are well underway to finding an efficient and effective design for the redesigning of the Imperial War Museum. After the receiving the brief on Monday morning, the team spent the rest of the week coming up with and developing some initial ideas- both wacky and more achievable - to present to the client at the critical session on Friday.

The team went on a site visit on Tuesday morning, to get a real idea of the space and area around the museum. Following on from the site visit, between eight and ten ideas were proposed, and people were assigned tasks. A few members of the team visited other museums to gauge the positive and negative aspects of them, which proved very useful later on.

Tamara and Aparna had a closer look at the floorplans provided by the client, to identify the key uses of space. Will worked on his idea for the masterplan of the site, while Jack and Nathan worked on the report once they had completed their initial designs. Manuel, Filippo and Haziq used their artistic and technical skills to create very informative and useful drawings. The Critical Session on Friday with the client went well – we received some very useful feedback and a direction in which to proceed. Bring on week 2!

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