Week 4

posted 10 Jun 2013, 09:22 by Chirag Pindolia

As planned this week we went on to design the foundations. This involved coming up with an effective solution to avoid the gas mains beneath our office and designing the piles to take both vertical and moment loading.

In terms of vibrations, we now have a complete footfall analysis and have met the target ‘R’ value for an office space which is 8. A fire fighting strategy was also worked on as shown below. This involved allocating the location of fire doors, extinguishers and coming up with a suitable evacuation plan. The minimum distance to a fire exit were also checked to regulations.

Several members of the group then worked on a construction sequence and produced a project plan; health and safety was considered throughout this process. We ended the week by undertaking a cost benefit analysis of our timber office and compared this with a typical steel/concrete structure of similar size.

As discussed with the client, it was important we thought about potential decommissioning schemes and how the office can be used after end of life. This will lead to further embodied carbon calculations in week 5 and essentially close our embodied carbon ‘lifecycle’ which consists of extraction, manufacture, transportation to site, office in use and end of life.