Week 3

posted 4 Jun 2013, 15:13 by Chirag Pindolia

Having finalised our designs for all the structural members, this week we went on to cover connections (a key part of design that was emphasised by our client.) This included slab:slab, beam:beam, column:base slab and CLT connections. We lost most of Tuesday due to the elective lectures and so on Wednesday we began to compile our work ready for the critical presentation on the following day. In order to present clearly, we required technical drawings for all the design carried out thus far.

Meanwhile, we continued to carry out detailed analysis on vibrations and thermal comfort given our two softwares: GSA and PDA. Having carried a PDA optimisation, we then produced a ventilation grid of a typical office floor as shown below.

We also began to look into procurement and cost constantly comparing our design to a typical 10 storey steel/concrete structure.  We produced a construction sequence of our building and calculated a value for the total embodied carbon.

In week 4 we plan to have a full Construction and Logistics plan, go on to do a foundation design, develop a fire fighting strategy (fire presenting the biggest risk to our building) as well as looking into ways of integrating the local community and providing long term sustainability.