Week 2

posted 28 May 2013, 11:32 by Chirag Pindolia

On Monday the focus became our preparation for the development presentation for the following day. This included the work (mainly research) we had done over the past week with some minor modifications as suggested to us by our supervisors. Having spilt up into the two teams as planned we began to undertake a more in depth analysis into the two key aspects of our project: Structural and Sustainability.

The feedback from the development presentation was positive in general but we found ourselves a bit tight for time given our second critical session was on Wednesday. However by that time we managed to have a completed beam and column design for our structure having revised the floor plan. We looked into the shaft and basement design briefly and highlighted this along with the slabs as areas which we needed to focus on towards the end of the week.

Beam & Column Design:

Having discussed our original façade design with the client, and its complications with its construction (and potential shadows it may give to the office users indoors) we proposed the following idea for our exterior.

Meanwhile from the sustainability side, we focused on four key parts: Thermal Comfort, Ventilation, Embodied Carbon and Operational Carbon. We began to explore software provided to us from ARUP (Passive Design Assistance) and performed an initial single storey model to see how glass affects the heating and cooling costs as well as the advantages of the various forms of ventilation.

Since the critical session we have finalised a slab and core design as well as undertaken more PDA analyses and established optimum values of window : wall ratios and mechanical ventilation : natural ventilation.