Week 1

posted 20 May 2013, 07:55 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Group 5 is investigating the opportunity to use engineered timber construction for a multi-storey office development in a site in Stratford, East London. The client is interested in a sustainable design concept which exploits the carbon benefits of timber construction. We began on day 1 with an initial briefing with ARUP followed by a site visit after which we understood the key aspects that needed to be addressed over the following 4 days before the critical session on Friday.
Having never designed timber previously, it was important that we did some background research into case studies and various types of timber used in construction. We also met with Dr Macorini on Tuesday and using his advice we produced an initial plan of our office floor as shown below.

We went on to obtain preliminary calculations and began looking at connection details, considerations for services, floor vibrations, embodied carbon and fire safety. The feedback from the critical session was positive but it was felt that we had attempted to cover the whole project within a week and so in the following weeks we have to plan accordingly. We hope to split into two groups and focus on 2 key aspects: Structural & Sustainability (especially thermal properties).