Week 4

posted 17 Jun 2013, 02:55 by John McGuckin

Some serious work was put into the design of the final two platform structure in order to have everything ready for our last critical session. The superstructure was redesigned to be more structurally stable with many more members added to take the loads. An impressive GSA model of the whole structure was created for the structural analysis.

The height of the structure was finalised through fluid mechanics calculations as well as taking into account the industry standards. Detailed calculations were carried out to produce the lengths of all of the through-leg piles. To get an estimate of costs, one of the group members had to become a British Library Reader in order to get hold of a seemingly rare book which was suggested by the clients.

North Tech gave a slicker-than-ever presentation complete with an animated fly-through created from the AutoCAD model. Overall the industrial clients, AMEC, give us very positive feedback. Their main point of concern was that the topside was too congested and needed to be simplified with larger members. This gave us a lot to do before the submission of for our final report the following week.