Week 3

posted 5 Jun 2013, 02:03 by John McGuckin

Choosing not to celebrate the very important English public holiday of “Late May”, all group members gathered in the computer lab and got to work.

With the type of structure finalised, North Tech got straight to work on the detailed design of the steel jacket structure. Lots of work was put into the environmental loadings, the foundation design as well as structural analysis including joint design.

Losing a couple of work days due to lectures meant that a push had to be made to produce deliverables for the third critical session. The session with AMEC went well with everyone participating and much more confidently. Their main concern was the structural design of the superstructure, and this was no surprise as work had only begun on it the previous day.

We received good direction from AMEC for the next week as it was recommended that we should proceed with the two-platform design as opposed to three and we should use through-leg piles.