Week 2

posted 23 May 2013, 03:18 by Group Design Projects Imperial

Week 2 got underway with most of the group working hard on calculations. It was decided that as to not waste resources on the development presentation only the two “English” should present. This tactic didn’t pay off with the development presentation scored harshly by the class, with a lower mark than that received from the sell-confessed “Simon Cowell” style judging panel.

After it was clear that we had not fully assessed and compared all our available options for the offshore processing facility the group had to backtrack slightly as to produce a viable second option. For a while the FPSO (floating processing storage and offloading) vessel was on the cards as runner up to the jacket, quite a renegade option for a gas field in 22m water depth. In the end the group settled on the submersible structure as our best second option to the steel jacket despite the last one being installed over 50 years ago. 

A lot of work was put into both options for Thursday’s presentation and report. Structural loads and load paths during construction, transportation, lifting and operation were assessed. Foundations for both were designed. Sketch Up models of our different superstructure arrangements were created.

The students were a lot less shy about making the most of the food provided by AMEC this week. The critical session went well with three of our group members giving a professional presentation. The main criticism this week was that not every member of our group spoke, something which will be easily rectified.

Friday proved a break from the daily grind with two interesting presentations on risk and sustainability followed by workshops to help us assess the risk and sustainability of our project. Apparently putting wind turbines on our platform isn't the right way to deal with sustainability!