Week 2

posted 29 May 2013, 03:39 by Julian Phatarfod

After the preliminary work in the first week, the team at H2.0 has continued to work in the three individual subteams, developing upon the feedback given by our supervisor and client, in order to focus our findings in more detail.

The beginning of the week was heavily focussed on the Development Presentations which demonstrated the project and the team’s initial findings to the other teams and a panel of judges consisting of supervisors, other academics and industry professionals. The presentation can be found here: 

The remainder of the week was focused on using feedback from the presentation to develop the project’s findings into a more defined scope. The energy and markets team continued researching and developing an understanding bout how energy demand and supply functions in the United Kingdom and the factors that affect this. The optimisation team has worked in more detail on defining the optimisation problem by identifying constraints and formulating an initial objective function. The hydraulic modelling team continues to work with the EPANET software to develop a network structure which is solvable and realistic along with working together with the optimisation team to address the hydraulic feasibility of the pump schedule.

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