Week 1

posted 20 May 2013, 03:16 by Group Design Projects Imperial
After the briefing on Monday, Group 2 started working at an excellent pace.

The project is to produce a feasibility study of the redevelopment of the junction of Exhibition Road and Kensington Road, at the Alexandra Gate entrance to Hyde Park. The emphasis is on increasing the safety of the junction, especially with regards to cyclists and pedestrians.

The first stage involved a site visit for data collection, and some brainstorming. Both these activities yielded excellent results, and our work started to take form. Our initial ideas included a suspended roundabout for cyclists, reconfiguring the traffic lanes in a more optimised set-up  digging and underground roundabout, the application of an Oxford Circus-like crossing and the implementation of Dutch-style roundabouts that give priority to cyclists. After some discussion, we discarded the solutions that were costly or impractical.

After the client meeting, a plan was laid out for the project that will carry the team through the rest of the 6 weeks. This includes drawings, construction sequences, provisions for traffic during construction, a cost-benefit analysis and and economic, social and environmental appraisal of the project.