Week 4

posted 17 Jun 2012, 09:38 by Group Design Projects Imperial
The fourth week of the project has been the final push to the finish line. We wanted to make used we used this week to go as deep into the canal design as possible to make sure that we had really answered the questions addressed in the brief. The whole group worked incredibly hard, but special mention has to go to Tom Hughes and Yili. The work they did on the canal and lock design was a fantastic application of their engineering knowledge and they had to use skills from all areas including structural analysis, rainfall analysis and even used poisson distribution to simulate queuing times. Their work was impressive from an engineering perspective.

The rest of the group also did good work, including Socrates and Chen, who pushed themselves to the very limit, physically and mentally…

The group presented our last critical session on Friday and received positive comments from our supervisors, receiving a mark of 80%, our highest mark yet. We were really happy with our performance and celebrated by watching England smash Sweden in the euros, coming back from a one goal deficit to win 3-2. Come on Enland! Hopefully we can replicate the success of the England football team in our final presentation next Friday.