Week 4

posted 15 Jun 2012, 11:04 by Group Design Projects Imperial
The final full week of the project has been the busiest yet! With all the parts of the project finally coming together, the group targeted our final critical session on Friday to finish each member’s respective work, ready to put the final report together.

On Tuesday we had an extremely productive meeting with the client to go over our route options and to finish with a final route choice. Three weeks work had gone into route options and to have the final system complete was a relief.


We have also finalised our guideway designs and for the session on Friday everything was put together. The work of the group who had been separate until this point was in one section and it was satisfying for everyone to see the final work together.

The group has put in an awful lot of hard work this week and with one final push the whole project will be done. The final critical session had a sense of relief but also of sadness as it was the final time we will all present before the final day.

The whole group has really enjoyed the project and we wish to thanks our brilliant clients Dr. North and Dr. Mascia.