Week 2

posted 2 Jun 2012, 08:21 by Group Design Projects Imperial
After the first critical session in week one the group returned with lots of work to do for week two. The main focus for the start of the week was to get our development presentation top notch and start on the deliverables that were highlighted as key from the previous week. James, Vinh and Michael started working on the origin destination matrix, whilst the rest of the group, headed by Dom, continued with pod, track and station design. 

Tuesday started with the development presentation and it went off smoothly. The practice the group had put in from the day before was well worth it and an efficient, professional show was put on. But once finished there was no opportunity to rest on our laurels. It was straight back to work, with lots to do in the next couple of days before yet another critical session. The number of deadlines leads to an intense working environment but the entire team has worked tirelessly to get the job done.

Thursday and the critical session! An intense couple of hours coming towards the end of a long week but everyone needs to be on top form to gain as much as we can from the session. After a presentation and a long workshop on route options for our revolutionary pod system the team can relax and enjoy a deadline free, but hectic, Friday. The work of the IT department has resulted in some impressive designs from our system but every day there is more work to do!