Week 1

posted 30 May 2012, 07:52 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Our group has been tasked with developing a Personal Rapid Transport (PRT) system for the Vauxhall, Nine Elms and Battersea opportunity area. The area is currently a large brownfield site but with the potential to accommodate a large number of jobs and people. There is likely to be a large amount of development in the area with the United States Embassy moving to Nine Elms and the potential of Battersea Power Station yet to be realised but there are significant issues that have to be resolved with respect to transport.

Transport infrastructure around this part of London is already congested and so we must develop a system that will be capable of transporting thousands of people. As a group, we set about researching PRT and the benefits and difficulties of this innovative transport solution. There are very few examples of PRT in reality and this gives us a very open scope to work with. One of the advantages of PRT is the pod system of transport giving non-stop, practically private travel, on a public transport system. From this point we started to develop the pod scheme that we would take forward.


Group Discussion on Site Visit and Hard at Work in the Office

The route choice for such a system in a busy area of London is also crucial to the project and so the entire group went on a site visit on Wednesday to look at the opportunity area. We got a feel for limitations that we may well have to work around. After this we focussed on our first critical evaluation session, developing a presentation to wow our client with before continuing with the hard work.

By the end of the first week the whole group had realised just how much work there is to do and are raring to get back to it during Week 2!