Week 4

posted 18 Jun 2012, 09:56 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Our last full week saw us finalise a whole load of structural calculations, address material quantities, decide and draw connection details, finalise a transfer structure design for our 24-storey building, total load calculations and complete the entire geotechnical engineering side of our design, including basement design and construction, retaining wall design and foundation designs.

The week has not been easy. In last week’s critical session our client gave us some hints towards our core design that were incorrect and needed to be re-addressed, which meant some of last week’s calculations had to be repeated this week, as well as all new tasks to be completed this week. We also had to remodel our transfer truss structure in 3D using Oasys GSA and look at column/beam connections as well as substructure connections and water-tightness.

The final week deadlines looming and some changes to the design mean the next few days will be tough! But we have all enjoyed the project and want to say thanks to Dr Vollum and our industrial clients from Arup, Mick White and Sarah Tattersall, for all their help.