Week 3

posted 9 Jun 2012, 06:14 by Group Design Projects Imperial
After selecting a final masterplan to continue with at the end of last week, the start of week 3 meant finalising our masterplan and starting to work quantitatively on the structural engineering side of the design! 

We tackled concrete, lateral stability, bracing, structural design and cladding calculations and designed a bridging structure across our underlying tunnels on-site. Concrete slab thicknesses were determined along with preliminary column sizes for our residential concrete floors and composite beam sizes. In addition to all this, cladding and material choices were made. With the dimensions we found we were able to start to put together detailed CAD drawings showing the final breakdown of each of the buildings.

We also looked at the traffic and pedestrian flow through our development and finalised the construction of our basement. Regarding the substructure, we designed a preliminary pile arrangement for both buildings of our development which we will comprehensively design next week! 

Side Elevation CAD drawing of development

Finalised column grid of residential-commercial building