Week 2

posted 2 Jun 2012, 08:19 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Our main objective for Week 2 was to start thinking in-depth as structural engineers. We have been detailing our client’s chosen masterplan. This involved thinking in depth about the foundations, lateral stability of the building, wind loading, as well as selecting our chosen concrete slabs and designing the column grids for each of the buildings, in particular the multi-use buildings which may feature changing column grids as a retail floor becomes a commercial floor above.
Furthermore, we have also combined the two remaining masterplans from Week 1 into a new innovative masterplan and followed the same design procedure. Initially designing the column grids and carried on to analyse the type of concrete slabs and foundations to be used.

Another task that needed to be addressed this week was concerning the underlying Crossrail tunnels and the affect the vibrations from the tunnel may have on the building and its foundation and how we must tackle this issue. To overcome the vibration propagation from the tunnel usage, we designed our own structural health monitoring system in order to monitor it. 

Our client has set a pile-offset restriction (the minimum distance between the outer edge tunnel lining and our piles) and subsequently we began an investigation into the various techniques of tackling how our foundation construction and corresponding loading would affect the tunnels. 

The approaching third week will be the most challenging yet and that is when we commence the hardcore superstructure and substructure design calculations!

Example Residential Floor Column Grid - Masterplan 2 - shared commercial/residential building