Week 1

posted 30 May 2012, 08:22 by Group Design Projects Imperial

Our project involves designing a new development around an unattractive concrete Crossrail station shaft box in the centre of the site, approx. 100m x 100m, situated in Woolwich and all above two underlying Crossrail tunnels. This therefore made it difficult to design a unique development with a unique selling point that satisfies the requirements of commercial, retail and residential space offered. The tunnels running underneath the site also make it extremely difficult, as care must be taken in the location and design of the foundations for the structure, which inevitably will be high-rise. Our development is called ‘W-Heights’.

During the first week, we started looking at influential buildings and producing preliminary designs. We then merged some of these influences and transformed them into three detailed masterplans, each considering access and travel, amenities and services, typical floor layouts, material choices, construction method/constructability and sustainable development. One masterplan presents a bold and iconic building, which includes a conference ball suspended from a sky garden between three high-rise skyscrapers. The second presents a less bold but still elegant high-rise option with two separate buildings which are trapezium shaped and are bridged by a glass structure and a couple of wind turbines. The third, and final, masterplan presented a more toned-down development using an L-shared high rise building which focused mainly on incorporating the development into the Woolwich area. 


Plan View of the Site and Artistic Impression of One of Our Preliminary Masterplan Design

From the 3 master plans, one has been selected by our client as a preferred option and then a second masterplan design is also to be developed by merging the concepts of the other two. These will then be worked on in further detail next week, looking at column grids for each floor, load transfers and the actual foundation design.