Week 4

posted 15 Jun 2012, 11:17 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Week four has been really tough, with the deadline racing into view we have started to feel the heat. Designs for all the key parts of the hotel are coming together and we’ve been able to back up most of our design decisions with calculations which is great. That said it’s not been smooth sailing all the way as often the schemes we chose originally have become invalidated by the constraints of the site so there has been plenty of chopping and changing along the way.

This week Klementyna has been designing the glass facade, looking at the materials and finishes in the development and working on the costings further. Rory has designed the basement excavation works and undertaken a modelling analysis for the retaining wall design. Omar and Theepan have had meetings with many different consultants in order to design the ground works and in particular the tunnel beneath the west wing. Tom and Emily have done a complete load takedown through the new and existing structures, designing columns beams and slabs along the way. Constantinos has worked hard to design a range of trusses to carry loads through the new structure and has completed a very ambitious design! Pete has built on the services strategy and looked at piling options for the new loads. And Gavin has brought together all the floor plans as well as designing the canopy cover for the courtyard area. All in all a busy week!

Now we just have to tackle the final week and deadline day!