Week 2

posted 2 Jun 2012, 11:45 by Group Design Projects Imperial
After a productive critical review at the end of week one with Buro Happold we were in great shape to get stuck into the real engineering issues of designing a hotel development in a Grade II* Listed building. Following the review we identified five key areas to work on this week, which were selecting and refining our chosen structural development concept, reviewing the structural strategy for load transferral through our structure, investigating the servicing requirements for such a project, looking at optimising the internal layout of the building, and designing the excavation works for the external basement complex.

Based on how things had finished after Week One, we chose to continue with similar sub-teams to the previous week, allowing continuity with our ideas. Constantinos and Gavin focused on refining their combined concepts for the new build elements as well as shuffling rooms around inside to make the most of the complex new spaces. Tom and Emily worked on structural elements of the design, feasibility of parking provision, and fire safety.  Rory looked at the demolition of the existing roof before linking up with Omar and Theepan to develop the basement plans for the exterior of the hotel. And Klementyna worked with Pete to tackle the dark art of services engineering!

We also had to give a development presentation in the PechaKucha format which proved an enjoyable, if slightly tricky, experience. We found the time constraints daunting but we felt the rapid progression of the presentation helped capture the audience’s attention and we hope we managed to show off how exciting our project is. The presentation can be viewed online, so go check it out and see how we’re doing!