Week 1

posted 30 May 2012, 08:03 by Group Design Projects Imperial
On Monday morning Group 9 was assigned the task of developing a listed building from 1922 in the City of London into a high end hotel with luxury serviced apartments for London’s elite. The scope of the project is to create a concept for a new structure to increase the available internal area as well as to consider the layout of rooms within the hotel and the services required. Our first task was to elect Tom Leeman as our group leader, and then we headed out to visit our site. Fortunately this involved heading to the roof terrace of the neighbouring Hilton hotel for a coffee and to check out the views!


Coffee at the Hilton and Concept Design

From here we split up and worked out our approach for the first week. Gavin, Klementyna, and Constantinos worked on three concept designs for our new structural works, as well as giving consideration to the floor space required to fit all of our rooms and services. Meanwhile Omar and Theepan carried out extensive research into the heritage of our existing building and into the implications of the listing. In the 1970’s some short sighted developers built a rather ugly concrete tower block in the centre of the beautiful beaux-arts building, and so Rory developed our demolition plans. Emily and Tom looked at some precedent for such projects restoring and converting listed buildings, while Peter studied the building’s history and the ground conditions of the area.

Going forwards we intend to focus more on the layout and services of the hotel considering the requirements of such a high end development, as well as to further develop the structural works we intend to use. We will also design underground car-parking facilities and ground works to ensure the structural integrity of the project.