Week 1

posted 30 May 2012, 07:34 by Group Design Projects Imperial
The brief is to design a sustainable, safe, low cost and long term village for 1200 people in a seismically active region, El Salvador, where the existing homes are mostly destroyed or require retrofitting.  There are many aspects of this major development so as a team we decided to split up and assess the following issues; transportation, slope stability, water, wastewater, electricity, new housing design and retrofitting possibilities.  For the first week our aim was to be creative, gain all data required for the design from in depth research and offer the client many possible options for the development, ranging in their cost benefit, sustainability, social impact, constructability, heath, safety and risk. 

The team members and their tasks over the week are as follows:

Team Member Position  Tasks
Sarah Tallett-Williams Team Leader Electricity, Slope Stability, Repair of Houses
Benjamin Gaitskell Media Officer Materials, New Housing Design
Pedro Alonso Caprile Tex Operator Wastewater Treatment
Charlotte Lewis Logistician Transport and School Design
Adam Sierens Weekly Reporter Slope Stability, Retaining Walls
Edmond Veillard WHO Ambassador Water Treatment and Supply
Louise Foukles
Secretary Construction Techniques, New Housing Design
Constantinos Kyprianou Liaison Officer Retrofitting and New Housing Design

For our first critical session we presented to the clients with a large range of possibilities, to which the clients, Dr Hong Wong and Sebastian Kaminski (Arup), were taken aback from our magnitude of options and expressed interest in several designs, helping us to dismiss some of the less favoured ideas, mainly for practicality issues.  The session went very well and the feedback was helpful.