Week 3

posted 11 Jun 2012, 08:16 by Group Design Projects Imperial
The focus this week in Group 7, Pond Green Energy Park, was finalising the technical aspects of our project. It boiled down to what machines and methods we would be using around site and also where they would be located. It came to the point where everyone was gathered around a table calculating the different dimensions their part of the site needed. However, the estimates kept on being revised every ten minutes, to the exasperation of our group’s designated site designer. In the end though, a functional site layout was agreed upon that met with our client’s needs.

Difficult decisions needed to be made, including what drying method would be used for our waste. But we learnt that all you can do is use your best judgement and try and support your decision as best you can. And when a curve ball was thrown our way in the Critical Session, a request from our client for a separate storage for pre-treated waste, we didn’t let it worry us too much. After all, in real life you need to be flexible because things change and you need to adapt to succeed. A valuable set of lessons to have learnt in the short week following the Queen’s Jubilee. Now what we need to focus on is getting everything done in time for the final assessments!