Week 2

posted 2 Jun 2012, 07:52 by Group Design Projects Imperial
This week was a full of problem solving for Group 7. First it was a matter of time management, with only one day between our Development Presentation and Critical Session. As a result we needed to get our schedule perfect. Still with team work and a great big ‘To-Do’ list we managed to pull through. We also had to manage technical problems, like how to tackle the vermin when storing waste. After considering simultaneously running a shelter for stray cats we settled or more conventional housekeeping methods. We also had to begin tackling site layout which proved to be much more difficult than we initially expected. But with plenty of brainstorming even those problems were solved.


Finally, the most technical problem of the week was deciding between using MBT or BMT technology. In essence this is just deciding whether the biological treatment will occur before or after mechanical sorting of the incoming waste. After consulting with industrial and academic experts we realized that even the method of biological treatment could not be agreed upon, much less the order. Thankfully in our Critical Session we were able to work out a compromise with our client by continuing investigation of multiple methods. We can only hope the next week is just as productive!