Week 1

posted 31 May 2012, 02:58 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Replicating a consultancy company, our client wanted us to create and design a heliport located on the island of Guernsey, a haven for the rich and headquarters for many offshore companies. With an airport already on the island, the client specified that he wanted a more elite mode of transport for high wealth individuals.
During this first week, our group had to research potential locations for the heliport, produce a business plan and present 3 main concepts for the heliport. With regards to location, we looked at a reclamation site, a brownfield site and a green field site. After our first critical review with the client, we decided upon the Longue Hougue reclamation site (Location 1) due to its low environmental impact, coastal location and its proximity to the central business district and the port.

We also produced 3 concepts for the heliport: The pyramidal helipad, the moving base and the sliding roof. The final design is yet to be decided as all designs should be developed further in order to create an efficient eliminating process.

Designing the helipad became slightly more complicated as the client requested for at least 2 helipads must be within the main terminal of the heliport so that passengers would not experience any of the elements whilst boarding and disembarking the helicopter.
In conclusion, our group has worked well as a team to produce all the information required for the first critical session. However, as the client wasn’t particularly drawn to any of the 3 concepts, we are now in the progress of producing more design options for the client. We will also now progress to designing the terminal and starting calculations once the preferred design has been selected.