Week 4

posted 15 Jun 2012, 10:56 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Week 4 has seen some serious knuckling down from Deep Blue Engineering. Luckily our client, AMEC, left us with some engineering wisdom after our week 3 critical session. Fortunately Laure has rejoined us after her sick leave and dove right into examining the environmental impacts of our 100,000 tonne, aluminium coated, high strength steel, hydrocarbon pumping gas platform.

Clement continued with his wave loading, seemingly changing the platform orientation every 5 minutes, much to Jof’s frustration. The wind loading was proving to be an almost insurmountable problem for our usually imperturbable project manager as he grappled with tricky imperial units and outdated American codes. Fortunately Finlay rode to the rescue with some European nous, saving the day and forever banishing slugs/ft to the history books.

The day of our last critical session dawned bright and sunny and the group looked forward to our first session with a full complement. Alas, it was not to be. We had gained Laure at the expense of Clement (satisfying the conservation of Frenchmen). He was ill and couldn’t make it (perhaps he’d celebrated Bastille Day a month early?) and Jof would have to present the wave calculations.

The session itself was one of our better ones and felt much better than last week. The client responded to the presentation with smiles and nods of agreement rather than mute stares. We left with a spring in our step and more sandwiches than Liz could carry.