Week 3

posted 9 Jun 2012, 05:37 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Week 3 began with a healthy dose of republicanism amongst the Brits of group 5. Rather than celebrate Her Majesty's jubilee we all cracked down to work on Monday. All of us that is, but the Frenchman, who seemed to have discovered his inner monarchist and embraced the jubilee spirit.

The wave loading of our structure is crucial for the feasibility study we’re producing. Clement worked wonders with our waves and produced some loading forces. He faced significant challenges: our platform is a semi-submersible with some pretty big members – would Morison’s equation even apply? He pulled through the adversity of a four day weekend and impressed the client with his work.

Jof looked at wind loading, Liz knocked up some anchors, Mark designed a flare and Michelle watched some (intumescent) paint dry. Devin continued with the construction sequence, Finlay made some waffle trusses (?) and I devised a blast wall. Report writing has begun in earnest and some detailed numbers crunched.

Our critical session on Friday began well, with a confident presentation to some of AMEC’s best and brightest, including (of course) several Imperial graduates. It wasn’t until afterwards and the questions came that we realised we still had a long way to go. 

There’s dynamic analyses to perform, seismic loading to consider, transportation load cases to compute and a corrosion resistance system to last 40 years which we must find all before next week. 

Let’s get cracking.