Week 1

posted 30 May 2012, 08:24 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Group 5 got off to a racing start once we had received the brief, with a scramble to crunch some numbers. We were brought down to earth with a crash when the client couldn’t make it to the initial briefing meeting on Monday and a quick phone call confirmed we were looking too far ahead – they  wanted high level conceptual work at this stage.

We then started a desk study, examining the area and identifying potential issues. The geotechnical characteristics of the area proved to be the key to the project and a quick request for information produced the original geo survey results, all 17 pages of it! For a few days the team was puzzled by the size of the platform specified. It seemed like we had the world’s heaviest topsides, nearly twice as heavy as the next biggest platform! It wasn’t until after our first critical session on Friday that this was cleared up.

The critical session was a rollercoaster of emotion. We’d lost our French connection: neither Clément nor Laure could make it to the session. It was up to the rest of the team to provide some va va voom. The meeting was at their offices in Old Street and – joy of joys - lunch was provided! (There are plans afoot to extract any leftovers next week, for charitable causes, of course).

Our presentation was received well and they retaliated with a list of things we hadn't quite got around to doing. We were stunned into silence by this barrage of wisdom, but as the clients filed out the room they reassured us by saying how well we’d done. When they had left I silently wept into my third plate of sandwiches.