Week 4

posted 16 Jun 2012, 14:22 by Group Design Projects Imperial
And so came the rain…Thames Water lifted the hose pipe ban. The Task Force had the additional task of convincing ourselves that our brief was still relevant. Taking into account the projections our team had made with regards to climate change and population increase, London would definitely have a water shortage, surely, right? Uncertainty was the key word for the project, as affirmed by our supervisor.

This final week was about trawling through all the research that had been done over the past month in order to put together our final solution for the client. After spreadsheets, graphs and a lot of statistics it was time to do what we do best – engineering. This involved coming up with construction sequences, geotechnics and flow rates – suddenly we powered through with the knowledge that had been gathering over the years with a bit of help from Kanye, Jay-Z and the Miami Dolphins’ cheerleaders. CAD obsession has taken hold over the team: they will provide great visuals for the final presentation along with the brilliance from our Matlab lovers in the team also.

The last critical session was a great success and we really feel we have bonded with the clients during this project. If that wasn’t enough to bring the week to a great end, the sun came out! Ice creams all round (call me maybe)! So the big question is: How do you make a pipe exciting and creative? Well, you will just have to wait and see next week, see us at the poster event!