Week 3

posted 9 Jun 2012, 05:53 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Wish we could put up some pretty pictures but the only ones that we could provide are screen shots of excel sheets, and you probably don’t want to see them! (They’ll be in our appendix). Thanks to the Queen, we were given an extra bank holiday but who would then quench the thirst of London? So the Task Force was in on the Tuesday number crunching away, whilst the Queen tucked into some Victoria sponge cake!

Apart from learning the geography of the British Isles when routing pipelines and watercourses; we had the joy of attempting to predict the future: one subteam came back with the weather forecasts all the way up to 2080 (watch out Michael Fish!). When Google failed us it was time to hit the old-school paper reports; after a wild goose chase around London we ended up at an Imperial College office where we hit the jackpot (yes, reports do delight us) and we had our hands on a bunch of reports on Thames Water’s secret methods in using statistics to estimate demand and supply of water.

Our innovation for this week was the AMR, (soon to be patented by the Task Force), a robot that could effectively solve the drought crisis and maybe even cause flood risks in London!!! That’s efficiency for you! It turns out that leakage in London could actually be contributing immensely to the low reservoir levels.

Did you hear? Central Line was flooded this week due to burst pipes and East London had no water for a while, just shows how hot this topic is. The week ended with a very successful critical session to the clients, where we have established a game plan for the final stretch. The Task Force will soldier on!