Week 2

posted 2 Jun 2012, 09:03 by Group Design Projects Imperial
This week saw Hydroline Task Force (that’s right we have a name!) go online on the twittersphere…and boy have we been shouting about us on the world wide web…so follow us @Hydroline_TF !

A lot of things happened in our second week: we saw some bromance develop amongst a couple of the team members, Mac&Tyre logo creations (you’ll get it eventually) and the potential use of Robots in our solution. Three presentations in one week really took its toll on the team… but luckily our incredibly inspiring PM, boosted the team spirit with four chocolate muffins to share amongst the nine of us (you do the maths). 

We began with a critical session involving the client, where we ‘exceeded expectations’, think the incomprehensible numbers being spat out by our team really impressed them. This positive start had us pumped for the development presentation to the rest of the year the next day, where once again the Task Force was well smart, the head himself, Prof Buenfeld, gave us a great compliment (hope the peer assessments are just as amazing!).

Midweek saw a dip in drive and along came the clouds, rain had us questioning: is London really in a drought? What happened to the glorious sunshine?! But no, the statisticians of the team convinced the doubting Thomas’s that reservoir levels were indeed low and a bit of drizzle wasn’t going to solve our brief. 
As we get more and more engrossed in the project, radical ideas keep popping up including shall we relocate the population of London? And so what if we take Bristol’s water? With Nandos Thursdays, Brown Tuesdays and other socials to be scheduled by our new events officer there is a lot of love between the group and we can’t wait for the next week!