Week 1

posted 30 May 2012, 15:08 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Yes we are the team with someone building a model ship…all will be revealed in our presentation scheduled for Tuesday (or so he claims).

London is running out of water, and having the Olympics just around the corner really does not help the case; as future engineers, the team has been called in to bring water to the capital both to solve the crisis at hand with a short term solution and provide a solution to eventually maintain water levels in the long run.
Shortage numbers were being quoted in the realms of giga litres and billions of cubic meters, making it difficult to really understand what we were dealing with here. At one point the words ‘’this is impossible’’ may have been spoken and we sat in awe trying to comprehend the huge task we had been handed. It wasn’t just a case of dumping a few tankers full of water into reservoirs, in which case our report would be just a page long.


Crazy ideas were being thrown about, in order to find some innovative ways, including sprinkling silver iodide into clouds, towing icebergs, moving mountains, relocating Londoners and did you know 85% of human blood is made up of water (something to think about).

H2O has taken over our thoughts and at the end of the first week we may indeed be in love with water, with members speeding through brushing their teeth in the mornings in order to reduce water consumption, but whether this passion will continue in the weeks to come…only time will tell.

With a drought imminent in 60 odd days, it is up to team (yet to be named) to come up with a plan to quench the thirst of Londoners quick…bring it on!