Week 3

posted 11 Jun 2012, 08:20 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Master planning of a new town is not as easy as just deciding where to place the commercial or residential areas. What need to be considered in Preston Beach master planning is far more complicated than what we have done in design weeks.  This week, calculations have been done for different foundation designs considering a great deal of complex geotechnical data of a very broad area. We also made detailed plans for energy, water, telecom supply to every single house and how to deal with the afflictive coastal erosion and sea level rise matters.

Feasible pavements to be constructed on the site are still working underway. Most importantly, we are not just building our ideal town without taking into account of the reality, business plans of how to sell our properties, attract more tourists and investments have been done in the week as well. Thanks to Dr. Jardine that gave us moderate opinions and provided with us with useful resources during and after the critical sessions. Next week we will keep on working hard and presenting our outstanding outcomes.