Week 1

posted 31 May 2012, 02:59 by Group Design Projects Imperial
From the first day of the project, the group has worked efficiently together and been well led to work under a much organised system. Frequent progression reports, well classified Dropbox folders and unified file formats worked effectively sharing and integrating our works. Another asset of our group is that, we are congregated with members of different personalities and experience in diverse areas, which gives us a wide breadth of knowledge within the group. We have people who are good at organising and directing the team progression, updating us with latest information and managing all the works done. We also have people who kept working patiently with large number of complex analytical and numerical works. Working through the first week, we have built up harmonious working atmosphere which provided us with a good start to work together towards high quality outcomes in the coming weeks. Our first critical review with our academic supervisor, Professor Jardine, and industrial supervisor, Ian Carradice, went well and they gave us a lot of feedback for another busy week ahead. We took a break on Friday afternoon and finished off the week with a group barbeque and champagne. Lets hope the project continues along these lines!