Week 2

posted 5 Jun 2012, 10:42 by Group Design Projects Imperial
The aim of our second week in the office was to produce an extensive, thorough and professional quality Baseline Report detailing all the information, research and statistics gathered about the site prior to starting design proposals. In order to do so, we required a continuation of the measuring and surveying thus collecting the data required to produce the complete CAD drawing of the site. The measuring was completed and we now have a full detailed CAD drawing to use in design development.


The rest of the statistical data, site analysis and conclusions are brought together in the conclusive report. The baseline report is 22 A3 pages long, and contains all the information relevant to the situation as it stands. This report will be edited and cut down to form the initial chapter in our final submission.
We have also come up with a few initial design proposals this week, which were formally presented to the client in our critical session on Friday morning. We received some great feedback with regards to design development and evaluation, and intend to begin fine-tuning our designs for the remainder of Week 2, continuing this process into Week 3.