Week 1

posted 30 May 2012, 08:42 by Group Design Projects Imperial
Week one in Group 2 has been exciting and informative for everyone involved.

Our project is a development of Princes Circus near Tottenham Court Road into a more pedestrianised and useable space. Unsurprisingly, our early discussions included sharing of ideas and opinions relating to the Exhibition Road development; what we liked/disliked, what works and doesn’t work logistically. Hamish Mackenzie was named team leader when he put himself forward for the role and showed great enthusiasm for the project.

We identified the quantities and the data to be collected in the first week in order to move onto the design stage as soon as possible. During our individual briefing with Dr Ghail, we were informed that data relating to traffic and pedestrian flows through Princes Circus was unavailable, and that we would have to collect it ourselves. We also decided to conduct an extensive and thorough survey of the site. We decided we would note the locations and sizes of all unmovable objects, such as manhole covers and trees, and all constraints which ideally would not be moved but could be, such as kerbs and road markings. It was also decided that a public opinion poll would be carried out to collect feedback both from pedestrians and business owners in the area.


The critical session, which took place on Friday morning, summarised our findings for the week. We feel that we have sufficient data regarding public opinion and traffic flows, whilst a few things remain to be noted as part of the survey of the site. The CAD drawings have been started and will be finished by the end of next week, and all site constraints have been identified; leaving us in a position to begin design at the start of Week 3.