Week 4

posted 15 Jun 2012, 11:11 by Group Design Projects Imperial
This week our aim was to develop our designs into full, detailed solutions, again ensuring that 100% evacuation is achieved in the case of any type of disaster. We formed a complete ‘SeaCure Evacuation Package’ (SEP) that includes our integrated system of the two lifeboat vessels ‘Safescape’ and ‘Evac3’, along with appropriate alarm systems, wristband schemes and LED indicators.
We focussed on detailing materials, mechanisms, connections and access routes, along with the components included within the life-saving vessels such as communication systems and desalination systems.

To present these designs effectively we had to call on Da, our team’s ‘Matlab wizard’ and Gabriel, the ‘SketchUp King’. Da finalised the ‘Evacuation Simulator 1.0’, obtaining useful outputs such as walking and evacuation times, whilst Gabriel modelled numerous aspects of our design from the innovative stair slide to detailed connections within the lifeboat systems.
Mixed emotions run through the group as the end of the project draws near... And we’ve become so fond of one another that we’re even coming in at the weekend!